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Remote Viewing

Tested. Proven. Purposeful. After successfully remote-viewing the contents of sealed envelopes on BBC's Newsnight while blindfolded (duplicating a test by the Ministry of Defense that was released to the public as a result of the twenty-five year secrets act), Jules Williams was labelled "scarily accurate".

Despite his reservations and concerns that the test felt akin to a 'performing monkey', he agreed to do it to serve a greater purpose. Proving his remote-viewing and psychic abilities, his true motivation was and remains to use his intuitive gifts to help people to move forward by understanding the source of their trauma and then healing the cause of destructive life patterns

Remote Viewing

Today, Jules uses his intuition to tell emotionally inspiring stories through writing, interviewing, directing, producing and filmmaking.


Intuitive Healer

Jules grew up in Abergavenny, South Wales, an avid sportsman who developed his passion by gaining a four-year honors degree in Physical Education. He went on to open his own personal training center in the Cotswolds. Throughout the early nineties he complemented his physical expertise with his skill as a black belt martial arts instructor.  He qualified as a spiritual healer alongside a three-year intensive certification in the subconscious. 

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Subconscious Architect

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Combining his skills and experience, Jules evolved into a unique intuitive coach.  Setting up his own practice, he established his client bases in Cheltenham and at the Hale Clinic in London.  He has successfully helped clients overcome deep-rooted subconscious issues relating to addictions, weight challenges and destructive relationships.  In addition, he specialized in identifying and clearing the root cause of cellular trauma - whether patterned in this life ... or previous incarnations.

Jules moved to London in 2004 where he was one of the founding psychics on Sky Television's, Psychic TV.  He was a much loved and highly regarded regular on the show for five consecutive years.  

During this period, he fine-tuned his passion for 'The Story' ... the one a client was telling itself and the one the subconscious was asking to re-write.  He honed his skills and ability to intuitively draw-out and extrapolate the marrow of an individual's deepest truths and emotional narrative ... not just for the revealing, but for the purpose of healing.  



In 2009, Jules established a production company and directed 35 episodes of a Sky Arts showcase acquisition called 'Living the Life' (recently rebranded, 'Living the Dream').  

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He has a proven record of prompt delivery of quality programs and is adept at extracting poignant interviews, managing large teams, production crew and celebrities.  Amongst others, Jules has directed:  Lord  Sebastian Coe,  Lord Melvyn Bragg, Sir Alan Parker, Robin Gibb, Elliott Gould, Joanna Lumley, Sir John Hurt, Anna Friel, Sir Derek Jacobi, Twiggy and David Bailey.




In 2011, Jules published his first book, "The Weigh Forward" aimed at helping people to understand the emotional causes of weight, shape and body issues.  Gained from his experiences in working with clients as both a personal trainer and an intuitive healer, his insights were broad reaching and applied beyond these issues.  In fact, this was a book written about the power of journeying with the subconscious in order to bring about change in our lives. 




In 2015, Jules moved to Malibu, California with his wife, Alison.  Together they are  continuing his quest for emotive healing and storytelling ... through books, film, coaching and retreats.  These are offered under the umbrella of Inside Out Retreats and his new production company, 21 Mile Films.



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From innovating initial concepts through to development, directing, producing, writing, and delivering final productions, Jules Williams is bringing all aspects of himself together ... an intuitive filmmaker and storyteller.  

Alongside his writing and productions, Jules  continues to run retreats and intuitively coach clients bringing his lifelong understanding of the subconscious and the journey of the Human Soul into very real and practical healing for all striving to understand the eternal questions of - Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?