Written in 2016, I penned the "Samurai Storyteller" to capture and encapsulate the value I place on authenticity ... and the duty of responsibility we have to own and heal our stories ... the responsibility we have to heal our worlds.  
Jules Williams 

Samurai Storyteller

I'm not talking about what you've embellished or imagined, purloined, chameleon’d or filched from other fellow souls. 

I'm talking about your story - your physical, kinesthetic, felt it to the marrow story.

The introspective, processed, assimilated, pure authenticity of the mindful understanding of your story.

The felt it in your gut, intuited the ass off it, emotionally intelligent, cellular resonance of your story.

The expanded consciousness, squared away with great spirit, infinite source, transcendence of the awakening of your story

Your palpable, rational, emotional and spiritual authentic honesty.

The chapter and verse ledger of facing yourself off in the mirror and returning to the original face of the clean sheet of "I."

Of owning every word, every line, every leaf
of what made you, shaped you, honed you and grew you.

To tear the pages out of your sour story where it was easier to construct from victimhood, psychotherapeutic rhetoric, delusions of grandeur and blame.

To scrub through with thick black lines and instead reveal the rubric ink, the stamp of impeachable truth where you shook hands with circumstance and your soul and owned, truly owned your veritable narrative in all its raw and composite ingredients of accuracy. 

To shed the cloying skin of fiction scarring your redemption, the forgery of spirit, the fraudulence of how you kid yourself you perceive to be.

To front up and uppercut your falsehoods. Knocking them to the canvass, freeing the inherent light that shines within you. Etching on paper, the duck and dive that defined you.

To pull back the curtains of protection and actually revel in the transcendence of vulnerability the exposure of implicit validity. The calligraphy of archiving your essence in all its unrefined self-loyalty 

That is the way of the samurai storyteller.

Jules Williams October 2016