Jules Williams book signingJules is a lifelong creative.  He is passionate about writing, the written word, and all the expressions of creativity able to flow through his pen.  Whether he is writing fiction novels, non fiction books, treatments for film, articles, blogs, or screenplays, Jules trusts his intuition and life experience to deliver compelling, wisdom-sharing prose.

In his own unique voice, Jules relishes moulding his vision into compelling stories and written works.

Jules graduated with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University in 2005. He has been published both in a fiction and nonfiction capacity and writes regularly for printed publications including five years of a Q&A column for Natural Health Magazine as the “Soul Guru”.


The Weigh Forward by Jules WilliamsWrote “The Weigh Forward” which posits the role of the subconscious on weight, shape and body image. Published in 2011 by Quartet Books and also available on kindle.
Wrote the “Living the Life” accompanying book for the television series of the same name. As director, creative editor and producer of the first three series, Williams was able to write from first-hand experience offering ‘the ‘directors voice’ to the narrative. Published in 2012
The Tree of Seasons by Stephen GatelyContributed to ghost writing Stephen Gately’s “Tree of Seasons” a children’s novel published after Gately’s sad and tragic death. Knowing Stephen and having talked to him about his book before he died helped Jules continue with his narrative voice. Published in 2010 by Hodder and Stoughton