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90 minutes session with Jules – $250

Jules grew up in Abergavenny, South Wales, an avid sportsman who developed that passion by gaining a four-year honours degree in Physical Education. He then went on to open his own personal training centre in the Cotswolds where throughout the early nineties he complemented his physical expertise and skill as a black belt martial arts instructor with spiritual healing qualifications and a three-year intensive certification in the subconscious. He is a lifelong intuitive – what some people may term psychic or clairvoyant but what Jules termed in his merging of these abilities as Intuitive Coaching.

He has been recognised for his clear intuition by organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, has ‘Remote Viewed’ for the police and private investigators and was labelled as ‘Scarily Accurate’ by BBC Newsnight, where his intuitive accuracy was tested under the spotlight with great success.

As  a unique Intuitive coach Jules set up his own practice in Cheltenham alongside regular days on demand at the Hale clinic in London, successfully helping clients overcome deep-rooted subconscious issues relating to addictions, weight struggles and destructive relationships, including where necessary through clearing destructive past life patterning.

Jules then moved to London where he was one of the original intuitive’s on Psychic Television and where he was a loved and highly regarded regular on the show for five years. Jules currently divides his time between London and America where he has clients in Malibu, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.