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About Jules Williams

JulesWilliamsWelcome to the website of Jules Williams – Writer, Director/Producer and Intuitive Coach. This website has different portals outlining and showcasing both his published and other writing, television productions and also gives you the opportunity to connect personally with Jules for bespoke intuitive coaching sessions.

You can find out more about his published books, such as ‘The Weigh Forward,’ the television series and documentaries he has written, directed, creatively edited and produced and also connect to the information that drives it all – the subconscious.

As a lifelong intuitive, Jules brings his vast knowledge of the subconscious, emotional patterning and tools of clearing and healing to his unique Intuitive Coaching sessions.

There are links to Jules’ social media pages, regularly posted personal insights and you can sign up to his monthly newsletter.

He looks forward to connecting with you all.